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lime Theatre Review: Wah Wah Girls

Lime Review - Theatre

Wah Wah Girls

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EDITOR - Vernia Mengot

Reporter: EDITOR  - Vernia Mengot

In this brand new British Bollywood musical I was definitely prepared for a glitzy production with plenty of song and dance;

which was exactly what I got. Wah! Wah! Girls told the story of Indian Mujra dancers who have entertained rich and powerful men for generations with enchanting music and passionate dance. 


The production drew audiences into a modern day British-Asian community set in the East End, where there were timeless occasions for laughter. I loved the character Bindi played by Rina Fatania, her cheeky lines and busy body nature was endearing to watch. I also really liked the interaction with the audience; It kept me engaged and at the edge of my seat. Although the plot was a little muddled, I eventually found myself cottoning on once the underlying storyline came to light. The set was fantastic complete with London bus stops, a parade of East End corner shops; in addition to the glitter, sparkle, flowers and lights. 


An entertaining night for all; the musical ended with a show-stopping dance and powerful song!


Overall it was a great production, from the cast to the stage and the catchy Bollywood bangers; it was undoubtedly one musical that exhilarated culture and highlighted the contemporary British Asian arts scene and their impeccable performing talent. 


Info: Ended 23 June.

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