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lime Theatre Review: Respect La Diva

Lime Review - Theatre

Respect La Diva

words by

Amica Anselm

Reporter: Amica Anselm
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Respect La Diva burst onto the Garrick theatre’s stage with live dancers and lead performers with a collaboration of bright lights, vocals and a live band.

It played homage to the trials and tribulations of relationships with the undertone that true love is a two way street and respect is key. With the awareness of finding your inner diva [for the male’s, it was divo’s], the audience is propelled into an animated celebration of the whirlwind journey that love and relationships can take you on, whilst raising awareness of the charity, Refuge.


Led by Denise Pearson, Sheila Ferguson, Katy Setterfield and Zoe Birkett - each ‘diva’ created an outstanding tribute to 50 years of leading female vocalists. Songs by Etta James, Diana Ross, Alicia Keys, Tina Turner, Beyonce, and Dusty Springfield to name a few facilitated the magic the show possessed.


Narrated by former X Factor contestant Andy Abraham who collaborated in powerful ballads and bantered with other members of the show, touching monologues by Manal El –Feitury flew up and down the stage along with comical contemporary dance and literally show stopping gags.


Through imagery, music, dance and humour, Respect La Diva is truly a feel good show with a party atmosphere that entices you to dance, sing and to forget your troubles.

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