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lime Theatre Review: Glasgow Girls

Lime Review - Theatre

Glasgow Girls

words by

Natasha Julien

Reporter: Natasha Julien

A family is ripped from their home in a high-rise flat in Drumchapel and driven away in the middle of the night to be deported. . .


Driven by a fierce sense of injustice; a group of seven young women in a high school in Glasgow, fight for the life of their friend and for the rights of children of asylum-seekers in Scotland. They take on the Scottish Government and the Home Office and succeed where adults and politicians failed.


Based on the true story of one of the most vocal and powerful asylum campaigns to catch the imagination of the media and inspire a community to unite behind its residents, Glasgow Girls is a new life-affirming musical for a multi-cultural Scotland still in transition.

Glasgow Girls is successful in its depiction of a community doing it for themselves and protecting those asylum seeker families that have become part of the fabric of their community.  The play deals with issues such as negative perceptions that are held of asylum seekers attempting to integrate into society and also the real plight of these families battle with the UK Border agency and the way they are callously treated.  Serious issues, that society forgets the effect on the children of asylum seekers, many who have been born in the UK.

Glasgow Girls is a humorous and powerful tale that more importantly identifies for the audience the power of collective organised resistance and the refusal of a community to accept injustice towards the failed asylum seekers.  In times such as these with political uncertainty and fear that is instilled regarding asylum seekers this is a refreshing and heart-warming true story.

Featuring original songs by Director Cora Bissett, this is a modern day musical with a truly modern story, which is driven by the injustice that affects these families.  At the final curtain call the audience were truly surprised to actually see the real Glasgow Girls who joined the cast on stage.  Excellent performances by all and a stand out performance by Myra McFadyen who plays Noreen Staunch, a Scottish friendly neighbour with a heart of gold.

Info: Until 26th May 13, www.stratfordeast.com

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