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lime Screen Review: The Woman in Black

Lime Review - Screen

The Woman in Black

words by

Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

Release date: 10 February Starring: Daniel Radcliffe and Ciarán Hinds

Post-Potter chills are the order of the day, and Daniel Radcliffe is the man for the job. 

The pint-size star still looks like a sprightly secondary school upstart, but this dark story delivers frights by the bucket-load. 

The terrifying play has been spooking the West End for years now, and it was only a matter of time before it hit the big screen. Radcliffe might lack the physical maturity for the role of a widower but there is no faulting his acting prowess. Male stars always have a tougher time in films like this, it is much easier to place a damsel in distress, but the former-child star excels.

The plot is essentially a standard ghost story; no pretensions are made to updating the classic clichés we expect to find. The film works all the better for our own familiarity with the material, the gothic sets and drained colours look beautiful on screen. 

The script never feels like it belongs on the stage, and that is arguably the biggest success of the movie. 


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