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lime Screen Review: The Lion King 3D

Lime Review - Screen

The Lion King 3D

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Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

Speaking of 3D, kids films, tears and enjoyment... Here is a movie that has it all


It's the Disney classic as you remember it, but on such a grand scale that it feels like a new film entirely. If the future of cinema is going to be the third-dimension, then I hope it's remastered classics like this that lead the charge. 


Every effort has been made to maintain the magic as it was, yet to also enhance the visuals to create something special. Disney might have toyed (no pun intended) with various formats from Pixar to fairy tales, but this is arguably their most complete effort of all time. It has the music, the originality, the story and the breathtaking look to throw you around from one scene to the next, just as you want to be. 


Watching this at the IMAX is an experience we can't recommend enough, it's borderline life-changing. You certainly won't see this film the same way again. 


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