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lime Screen Review: The Imposter

Lime Review - Screen

The Imposter

words by

Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

We weren't really sure if this documentary would make the cut when we were outlining the films to feature this month. Then we watched it and realised there was no way we wouldn't be featuring it. 

Wonderfully put together using archive footage, present-day interviews and dramatic reconstructions, 'The Imposter' tells the story of a European 23-year-old who convinced an American family that he was their missing teenage son. 


There the story begins, but there are some unbelievable twists that come thick and fast and the sheer audacity of those involved is breathtaking. The story itself is unnerving, but stick with it, there are some incredible pay offs. 


Release date: 24 August

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