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lime Screen Review: The Help

Lime Review - Screen

The Help

words by

Georgina Ramsay

Reporter: Georgina Ramsay

In the space of two years Kathryn Stockett’s, ‘The Help’ has become a blockbuster and a bestseller.


Set in Jackson, Mississippi, brave white writer, Skeeter, has returned from college to find her beloved African-American maid gone unexpectedly. Inspired by this and the hypocritical treatment towards African-American maids in white households she is determined to write a book letting the people of Jackson know what their maids really think of them. 


Together with the help of two maids - God-loving, selfless Aibileen and sassy Minny - they try to convince the maids of Jackson to speak up. Knowing only too well the consequences - especially in the 60’s, at the height of racial injustice. In comparison the film does miss out a few minor events but it makes up for it with its humour and honesty. 


Whether book or film the message rings true of how one book can change the lives of three women, a town and create an unlikely friendship. 


The book is a truly charming read but the film’s only real downfall is some of the bits it misses out from the book but overall not a bad adaptation. 

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