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lime Screen Review: The Fifth Estate

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The Fifth Estate

words by

Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

Another film about wikileaks, but this one isn’t a documentary. ‘We steal secrets:

The Story of Wikileaks’ was the Alex Gibney take from earlier this year, but this time we get a dramatised version with Benedict Cumberbatch assuming the role of Julian Assange.

It’s an interesting impersonation by one of the most in-demand actors, and although the voice and mannerisms seem to be all there, it still just looks like TV’s Sherlock in a grey wig. The real problem with the film is that it doesn’t know what it wants to be, and it also skirts over the more controversial aspects of the Assange story.
There are obvious nods to ‘The Social Network’, and in some of its more focussed moments, the film is positively compelling. Unfortunately we also get scenes where we are “taken out of the moment” with unnecessary visualisations of online chatter. The rushed finish, which Gibney handled with aplomb, is given a dismissive comedic slant, something which doesn’t do anybody any favours.
A story which may well offer up a great dramatic film, but it needs to be resolved in real-life before it can hit the screens. See ‘Captain Phillips’ for evidence of that.
Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Brühl and Peter Capaldi
Release Date: October 11th
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