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lime Screen Review: Shame

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Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

The talk of the London Film Festival (along with 'The Artist'), Steve McQueen's follow up to 'Hunger' is a devastating and unflinching look at addiction.

The fact that the addiction in question is sex has overshadowed the film, but the beauty of the script is in how it reaches beyond the bedroom. 


Brendon (Michael Fassbender) is a smart, good-looking 30 something living and working in New York. Although he has a compulsion that sees him picking up random women and surfing the Internet looking for sexual kicks, his life is at least structured in its own way. However, lurking in the distance is Brandon's sister Kitty (Carey Mulligan), who is desperate for a place to stay. Once she moves in, Brandon's life spirals rapidly out of control, and his addiction begins to put him in dangerous situations, often beyond his control. 


The obsessive nature of Fassbenders character is brilliantly brought to the screen by the directing/acting duo that were behind Hunger. The actor has had a stellar year, and will also be seen in 'A Dangerous Method' and 'Haywire' in the next few months. He's surely in the running for the big awards for 'Shame', as we hope McQueen is too. The film looks stunning, and captures New York in such a way that it looks unique but also displaying elements that could apply to any major metropolis. 


It is explicit, but not to the extent some of the hysteria would have you believe. The hype around the quality though is justified. 


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