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lime Screen Review: Shadow Dancer

Lime Review - Screen

Shadow Dancer

words by

Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

This is another film which we had heard so much about but had no idea would be as good as it actually is. Both leads, Owen and Riseborough, deserve awards aplenty come the end of the year. 



Thematically this shares something with 'The Imposter' with Riseborough playing an Irish woman whose family are in deep with the republican extremists during the height of the troubles. There's only one way out when she is caught trying to plant a bomb, and that is to turn informant. Her handler (Clive Owen), realises that she is only doing this so that she can see her son again, but he also begins to care for her when his superiors threaten to throw her to the wolves. 


And then there is the last act...


It's a superbly taut finale that is a hammer-blow to the sense when it arrives. The performances are outstanding, any lingering doubts about Owen in serious roles should be dispelled at once, and Riseborough can put that dodgy Madonna movie she made behind her. 


One of the year's best films. 


Release date: 24 August

Starring: Clive Owen and Andrea Riseborough

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