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lime Screen Review: Searching For Sugar Man

Lime Review - Screen

Searching For Sugar Man

words by

Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch
This remarkable documentary is a genuine surprise in every sense. The subject matter, a little known musician by the name of Rodriguez, is a stellar talent around whom a mythical status has developed. 

Unheralded in his native North America, the singer/songwriter became an influential figure in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa when his albums were circulated in the country. Unfortunately Rodriguez never knew about his international acclaim and disappeared into obscurity when his record deal was terminated. The story picks up when an intrepid journalist teams up with a record store owner to find out what happened to the man whose most famous song is the instantly catchy 'Sugar Man'. 
The story takes some amazing twists along the way, but remains utterly engrossing throughout. More importantly, the music and the lyrics are so powerful, so well-written that you will wonder how you managed to go this long without listening to any of his songs beforehand. Outstanding stuff, and with the soundtrack of the summer to boot. 
Just be sure to NOT research the subject matter yourself beforehand. This one deserves to be watched as innocently as possible. 
Release date: 25 July
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