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lime Screen Review: Paranorman 3D

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Paranorman 3D

words by

Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

There are three slightly “spooky” animated films on the way. 

'Frankenweenie' is brought to you by Tim Burton and 'Hotel Transylvania' comes out next month as well, both will be reviewed next issue, but in the meantime we have Paranorman. 


Norman can see the dead. It's a gift, of sorts, but no one believes him and even his family think he is a freak. Bullied at school, Norman finds his only outlet is to speak to the deceased. Soon though, a curse that has been placed on his town means that zombies have been raised from their graves and now Norman is the only person that can save the day.


There are a handful of really grown-up ideas throughout this film, and it toys with death for large portions of the runtime. Some younger kids will find it all a bit too much, but they have “safer” options if needed. This is entertaining in the way that those PG films in the 80's were, ghosts and ghouls can be scary but who cares? There is great fun to be had here, Paranorman is well worth a watch and coming out first, it feels fresh and original.


Release date: 14 September

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