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lime Screen Review: Machete Kills

Lime Review - Screen

Machete Kills

words by

Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

You can definitely have too much of a good thing, and that’s the case with Machete Kills.


It follows on from the first film with more stars and more minutes in the runtime, but it feels overlong for it. It’s fun in places, with Gibson hamming it up the villain of the piece, and Lady Gaga doing a not-bad job as an assassin, but overall it misses the mark. A great pre-credits “fake trailer” for a future instalment in the series is undermined by the ending, and Trejo remains the weakest part of the whole thing. 

Amber Heard provides great support, as do some of the returning cast, but everyone involved could be doing a lot more. Well, maybe not Charlie Sheen but that’s a different story entirely. 

Starring: Danny Trejo, Amber Heard and Mel Gibson


Release Date: October 11th

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