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lime Screen Review: Footloose

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Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

The not-so-long-awaited remake to an 80's classic has an unknown in the lead role, previously played by Kevin Bacon, but can lay claim to a rare achievement.

In my opinion, this particular update is better than the original. 


In a town where dancing has been banned an outsider rolls in and looks to upset the establishment. It's a weird premise, which takes some getting used to, hence the awkward reminders, but it's still well-thought out enough to keep your attention. And once you get past that, 'Footloose' is a thoroughly entertaining ride that improves on the original in almost every way. For starters this one is actually a dance movie, and a contemporary one at that. Additionally it has some comedy, and some fine acting from Dennis Quaid, all adding up to a great time at the cinema. 


The nods to the 80's are there where needed but this version isn't afraid to take risks. Various forms of dance are covered and the excitement is there in spades by the end. You will want to get up out of your seat and join in which is surely the point of a film like this? Dennis Quaid is at his reliable best and there is a great soundtrack as well. Have some fun, and enjoy this one! 

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