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lime Screen Review: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Lime Review - Screen

Beasts of the Southern Wild

words by

Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

6-year-old Hushpuppy is a smart girl left largely to her own devices by her father who is struggling with problems of his own.

They live in a ramshackle community under constant threat from flooding thanks to a levee which casts a shadow over their home. Following a fierce storm, Hushpuppy and her father take to the water in a bathtub and try and avoid being assimilated into the general populace. 


A cast of untrained actors bring this incredibly simple story to life. There are elements of fantasy throughout, but the performances are real in every sense of the word. Young Quvenzhané Wallis is outstanding, and is already being touted for the big awards at the end of the year. 


'Beasts of the Southern Wild' looks like nothing else we've seen in recent years, it exudes a parred-back appeal all of its own. How well it does on general release might hold the key to any long-lasting chance of it winning awards (although it has already done wonders at Cannes and Sundance). All we can do is urge you to experience this at the soonest opportunity. 


Release Date: 19 October

Starring: Quvenzhané Wallis, Dwight Henry, Lowell Landes



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