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Baggage Claim

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Baggage Claim is a fun, rom-com that will result in genuine laughter mainly from the fantastically paired comic duo of Adam Brody and Jill Scott.

Baggage Claim is a fun, rom-com that will result in genuine laughter mainly from the fantastically paired comic duo of Adam Brody and Jill Scott.


The film is led by Paula Patton who plays Montana Moore, an airline stewardess who is pressured into getting engaged before her younger sister’s wedding by her marriage-mad mother; Catherine (Jenifer Lewis).


After Moore’s Mr Right turns out to be Mr Wrong yet again, she’s left singing Toni Braxton’s Unbreak My Heart and has only 30 days to bag herself a man. Here to help are friends and colleagues Sam and Gail (Brody and Scott). Deciding she has no time to meet a new man they make a list of Moore’s viable exes. Together the three of them pull in favours from staff across the airline, including check-in and security, to see when Moore’s exes are flying, and to ensure she ends up on the same flight.


You will need to put your feminist hat away for most of this film if you want any chance of enjoying it. While it seems like the only message is: ‘Women need a man to be happy’, the eventual moral of the story is a little less desperate, thankfully. 


However, the plot is unashamedly predictable. If you’re after an easy and entertaining watch with your own Mr Right then grab some popcorn and enjoy!”   


Each of Moore’s exes, and the situations she finds herself in with them, are hilariously over the top, from a CGI rain shower just as she asks “Can this get any worse?” to a super patronising, control-freak ex who genuinely believes men should ‘lead’ women. But it works, and that’s thanks, in large part, to the choice of actors used for the roles. Taye Diggs (Brown Sugar, Private Practice) is perfect as the controlling, senator candidate with the winning smile and out-of-date view on women. Trey Songz is a great choice for his character, Damon Diesel, apparent man of the moment who is actually penniless and scrounging off his ex girlfriend.


The cast is full of familiar faces, as well as the aforementioned, you’ll also see Christina Milian, Terrance J, Lauren London and Affion Crockett.


Baggage Claim is directed by David E. Talbert, and adapted from his book, alongside producer Steven J. Wolfe (500 Days of Summer, Our Family wedding). It will be in cinemas in the UK from October 11th.

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