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lime Music Review: Vast Aire A Street Odyssey

Lime Review - Music

Vast Aire A Street Odyssey

words by

Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Vast Aire part of the Cannibal Ox outfit is a name that some people will not be familiar with but work with luminaries such as Jean Grae and Wu Tang speak volumes.

Vast drops his latest offering A Street Odyssey and the title for the album evidently points to the general ambience of the album. Its other worldly feel, taking something from the classic film 2001 A Space Odyssey [1968] is interesting and the skits and samples all entice you into his rather dark and apocalyptic imagination and thoughts. His bars are "wordy" as he professes and collaborations with big names like Raekwon on Thor's Hammer add dimension to the album.

It is an album that is more suited, intentionally or not, to those true hard core hip hop heads who are willing to hear something ever so slightly leftfield of what they might consider "true" hip hop.

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