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lime Music Review: Tinchy Stryder and Encore, Scala

Lime Review - Music

Tinchy Stryder and Encore, Scala

words by

Donna McBain

Reporter: Donna McBain
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There were cheers of excitement when Tinchy Stryder arrived on stage at Scala London to deliver an epic performance, marking the end of his rollercoaster tour this month.

Following a string of gigs across the country, the East London rapper looked to be on top form in his home town, treating fans to an hour long session of live music, with some of his well-known hits and new material from his forthcoming studio album. 

From the opening of the night, it was no secret that the predominantly youthful crowd had flocked to the London club just to see Tinch. But spectators were more than pleased to be warmed up first by his supporting act Encore, a newly formed three piece male group from London.

The good-looking trio proved that they were anything but your average boy band boasting versatility, confidence and style, with their unique sound and edgy dance moves. They are clearly in a league of their own. With tight vocal harmonies and a polished performance from start to finish, Encore looked set for a glistening music career. Before they waved goodbye, they had me singing the hook from their catchy new single 'Did You Have Fun Last Night', a definite winner with the ladies.


Tinchy Stryder then followed this class act, pulling out all the stops to make the biggest impact on the night. The 25-year-old pint-sized rapper, appeared on a dazzling blue lit stage, where he paced around energetically to the sounds of his own music. Almost instantly, he was on fire. 

Things got even more heated up when the star was briefly joined by members of his grime collective - Ruff Sqwad - causing a stir. But nothing quite compared to when Stryder performed solo. His chemistry with the audience was surreal. Both parties connected with songs such as 'Spaceship' and 'In My System', which Tinch related to past events that could not help but include his road to fame. Clearly grateful for his success, Stryder made sure to thank loyal fans throughout, before giving them what he made them beg for towards the end of the show, his and what seemed to be their first 'Number 1'. 

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