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lime Eating & Drinking Review: Soulful Sundays:

Lime Review - Eating & Drinking

Soulful Sundays:

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EDITOR - Vernia Mengot

Reporter: EDITOR  - Vernia Mengot

 A Brimful of Ashbell, Brasa restaurant: US BBQ chef King Ashbell McElveen recently joined the kitchen at Brasa, in Fulham Broadway introducing his creation of a unique dining experience.

On arrival at Brasa we were welcomed to dine on the first floor of the three story building which boasted a modern dining suite, stylish lounge bar and even a rooftop garden. With sounds of Bob Marley in the background, my guest and I chose fruity cocktails complete with passion fruit, raspberries, peach and ginger in preparation for some real soul food.

The menu is complete with traditional New Orleans recipes infused with tasty ingredients enough to lick your plate clean! There are two menus available, the brunch which offers a selection of breakfasts and the supper which has enough things on the menu for a big appetite. 

As a starter the waitress recommended the seafood gumbo; which was a real invitation to South Carolina. After which my guest chose a full Mexican breakfast that included corn bread, traditional chilli with guacamole and rice topped with eggs for brunch. I opted for the chefs recommendation of New Orleans breakfast; spicy potatoes with mushrooms and crayfish, sunny-side up eggs and sausages. Both of the dishes; where overwhelmingly filling and the flavours complimented each other, with rich spices and bold textures.

To top off the meal we tasted peach cobbler and banana pudding, it was warm and rich; a delicious end to the afternoon. Brasa is great for a chilled out Sunday brunch with family and friends. 

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