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lime Eating & Drinking Review: Kona Kai

Lime Review - Eating & Drinking

Kona Kai

words by

Natasha Julien

Reporter: Natasha Julien

Kona Kai markets itself as a Polynesian  inspired bar/restaraunt.

Think Hawawi and the southseas beach bar and you kind of get the picture.  Just off the Fulham road, virtually spitting distance from the beloved Chelsea Football club.  The decor is interesting but a little dark in places, the back of the restaraunt has some nicely placed large tables excellent for large groups after work, but just felt the restarunt was far too dark and quite unwelcoming at the back of the restaraunt. geat for a Friday night with a DJ but not so great for mid week dinner and drinks.  We started with a mixture of starters on the Kona Kai tasting plate, all be it a few strange starters on the same plate, lamb kebabs, chorizo but to be fair the restaraunt staff will combine different starters where many restaraunts will have a set tasting platter, so could be useful when in a large group.  The tasting platters could be slightly larger for two hungry office workers and a bit strange having hummous on the tasting plate with no veggies to dip.  The main event are defintely the homemade burgers which are juicy and extremley well made this also came with a generous portion of fries delicious in every way.  Konai Kai has a large selection of cocktails, in fact a large catalogue of rum based cocktails and if cocktails are your thing you will be spoilt for choice.  Personally the cocktails we had were very heavy on the sugar syrup so were slightly too sweet then what we were used to.  Kona Kai definitely has something to offer for large groups who are more interested in their cocktails, who need a one stop shop for bar snacks and lots and lots of cocktails and a place to socialize on a Friday night.  Kona Kai  hasnt really got the cosy mid week after work drink sussed yet.

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