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lime Eating & Drinking Review: Apostrophe

Lime Review - Eating & Drinking


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Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

Last month was the 10th anniversary of popular café chain Apostrophe.

Something of a familiar addition to most High Streets now, when it first opened its Shoreditch branch a decade ago the dining scene was very different.

Now with every communal area offering a variety of options has this eatery managed to keep pace with its more abundant rivals?

The branch we visited was the one situated on Great Eastern Street, in the heart of the City. There are plenty of Deli’s in the surrounding area, so competition is fierce. The branch is slightly hidden away, but anyone familiar with the bright logo will have no problem finding it. 

The idea of 'Gourmet' snacks at affordable prices is an appealing one, but rarely achieved by the larger chains. With this in mind, I ordered a 'Le Grec' sandwich, one that leapt out from behind the counter.

Lightly-toasted (as per my request) the sandwich consisted of Greek feta cheese, onion marmalade, semi-dried tomatoes, rocket on a rye, sunflower and brown linseed loaf. The colour of the bread doesn't do it justice, it was a light dish which easily lived up to its Gourmet billing. As a whole there was a tangy sweetness to off-set the feta, just as one could have hoped for. To follow up, I went with the rhubarb, strawberry and cinnamon cake which was a great choice... even if a do say so myself. 

Although the branch I visited was a touch on the small side, the service and food were just the thing for those after a quick bite on the run. 

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