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lime Community & Support Review: Proud Camden's Second Birthday

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Proud Camden's Second Birthday

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris
It's no surprise that one of the trendiest places I have grown to love is Proud in Camden. 

It's no surprise that one of the trendiest places I have grown to love is Proud in Camden. 

Proud celebrated its second birthday on June 23 and treated its guest to an ensemble of entertainment that saw great bands, great DJ's and most importantly a great atmosphere. The stars were indeed in the house with Jarvis Cocker hosting in his dry but entertaining humour, Amy Winehouse making a show as she sang some backing vocals for man of the moment Professor Green. T4's Rick was there soaking up the vibe and there was even former X Factor contestant in the name of Ollie.

At one surreal moment I was met by a lady pretending to be 'Dorothy'. She was resolutely in character and so after asking her if she had faced any unusually strong tornados I left as I became slightly irritated with the game. Although I loved the fact that she did stay in character. With an initial free bar serving up some nice Mojito's, beautiful people mingled taking in burlesque dancing and the drunks' stable Karaoke.

Alex Proud (the owner) has efficiently created an amazing venue with this grade two listed building and insured that he has associated it with events that have integrity. It will undoubtedly continue to gain more and more popularity for its diverse range of events. 
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