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lime Comedy Review: The Real Deal Comedy Jam

Lime Review - Comedy

The Real Deal Comedy Jam

words by

Jennifer Rock

Reporter: Jennifer Rock

You never sit in the front row at a comedy club; this is a universal yet unwritten rule. Why? 


Because there is a 99.9 per cent chance that you will be picked on for the amusement of others and tonight at the Real Deal Comedy Jam at Sway Club in Holborn was no different. 


Kat B poked fun at audience members and ripped late comers to shreds. Whilst this was hilarious in itself, I made sure I sat just centre enough to the middle of the audience to remain inconspicuous.


Our sympathies surely went out to the poor man in the front row who after being hauled up onto the stage had difficulty naming three good things about his daughter. Which if you are interested were that she’s intelligent , beautiful, and he’s very proud of her, when in hindsight he shouldn\\\'t have needed any help or prompting from the crowd with.


The night kicked off with the first comedian Little Man who took us back in time by running us through his past exploits, (real or imagined) of \\\'sexing\\\' a woman back in the day. Although a lot of males would happily identify with this, it did border along levels of crudeness and probably wasn\\\'t for all tastes.


Glenda Jaxon’s set seemed to go down positively with the crowd, she garnered an instant warmth and rapport, as she commented on the style and culture of today\\\'s youth and the do\\\'s and don\\\'ts of buying from a Caribbean take away.


Deviating from comedy were interludes from dance duo Twist and Pulse who have appeared in front of the infamous Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent. Their moves were energetic whilst their timing was much in-synch - we were all surprised by their effortless flow.


I\\\'m Going Out was a song performed by Maria Moore. Whilst there is no denying she could hit the high notes, she needed more stage presence and projection, so as a result the audience happily chatted amongst themselves throughout her entire performance which was a shame.


Richard Blackwood who needs no introduction still managed to surprise us with his insights of being young, wanting to impress and how easy it is for parents to mess up these plans.


He also expressed the difficulties of maintaining a true Jamaican identity when in reality in Jamaica you\\\'re just \\\'the British man abroad\\\'. His comic insight never fails to amuse as he is able to replicate thoughts and feelings with hilarious effect.


The stage set up here was reminiscent of the comedy club, Jongleurs. Kat B was a lively host with his comic interludes in between performers, and all in all a fun night of comedy was had.


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