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lime Comedy Review: The Originals

Lime Review - Comedy

The Originals

words by

Jennifer Rock

Reporter: Jennifer Rock

I was already excited by the line-up of the Originals tour with the likes of Angie Le Mar, Felicity Ethnic, Leo Muhammad and Felix Dexter all on the same bill.

By the time I left the auditorium I was still filled with the same levels of excitement which left me wanting more. 


It was the indomitable Angie Le Mar who was the night’s host and was able to link together the comedians with her quick wit and social observations which kept the audience in stitches. 


By far my favourite comedian of the night had to be Felicity Ethnic, I had never had the chance to see her live before and believe me I was not disappointed, she kept her sketches fresh and up-to-date with jokes about volcanic ash, street – talk and even managed to intersperse comments about her day job as a support worker with disturbed kids which was controversial but not offensive. 


Leo Muhammad surprised me with his skit on the treatment of dogs in the UK and the non-existent pampering in the Caribbean (now I am an animal lover, so poor dogs is what I say) but once again he proved that he is a pro in both stand up and situational comedy. 


Felix Dexter never fails to entertain and I have always enjoyed his comedy from the days of The Real McCoy. He has a unique style and ability to take on characters or exaggerate on his own personal experiences with hilarious effect which left us in tears. 


The only un-comedic moment of the night it has to be said was Miles Crawford. He worked as more of a warm up act for me during his ‘game show’ set. The big laugh from the audience unfortunately came when he nearly took a fall over spilt Pepsi. But I did enjoy his Michael Jackson impersonation’s, there was a slight realism to it. 


We were in the Barbican, it was posh, and we loved that and so did the comedians. It was a lovely and comfortable venue to host such an enjoyable evening. 


If the Originals ever toured again, I would say that it is worth catching even if they used the exact same material. Through-out the night familiar faces brought fresh material and it proved to be the kind of night that you wished all your family and friends could enjoy. 

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