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lime Comedy Review: Felix Dexter

Lime Review - Comedy

Felix Dexter

words by

Jennifer Rock

Reporter: Jennifer Rock

Felix Dexter has tread the comedy boards for many years, so it comes as no surprise that this is not the first time I was seeing him live.

He is one of the rare comedians who is able to effectively capture the nuances of characters we all easily recognise. 


He effortlessly moved from one personality to the next. So we met Early D, aka the stereotypical lion of Harlesden and my favourite Aubrey, the terribly posh black fellow living in the Cotswolds with a skewed view of racism and an over-developed interest in English grammar and elocution. He brought real authenticity to each role. My only gripe was that some of the material was a little overly salacious and explicit in parts. I was pleasantly surprised by his warm up act, Scottish comedian Stephen Carlin, whose quirky humour made everyday mundane situations seem hilarious. But the reason we go to see Felix in action is for his eloquence and sophisticated humour. 


When not in character we saw his more familiar and savvy stand-up routine. He vented frustrations on bigotry, immigration and political incorrectness, offering up the chance to get inside the psyche of this funny-man\'s mind. 

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