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lime Clubs & Nightlife Review: Maggie's 80s themed night club

Lime Review - Clubs & Nightlife

Maggie's 80s themed night club

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Sophia Jackson

Reporter: Sophia Jackson

Ready for a full on girlie extravaganza myself and two girlfriends headed to Chelsea nightspot, Maggie's.

By the time we arrived Saturday night was in full swing and we were ready to party, 80s style.

Maggie's is themed through and through and they've captured the essence of the 80's to transform this intimate space with its heaving dance floor into one of London's coolest hot spots.

From groups of Chelsea boys waiting to twirl you around and couples smooching on the dance floor it's easy to see why this south-west London club appeals to everyone.

It's all about 80s music and one minute the DJ's spinning Footloose, the next it's The Bangles, A-Ha or Wham or tracks from one of my all-time favourite films, Grease. But if the tunes aren't enough to transport you back in time then the decor will.

The tables are Rubik's cubes, and the walls are adorned with graffiti featuring 80s icons like Margaret Thatcher - hence the club's name, Maggie's, Timmy Mallett - remember Mallett's Mallett? Mr T from the A Team's there too.

If you're looking for a night out in London to evoke nostalgia where sipping Pina Coladas, Daiquiris and Babycham is cool again or you want a night that's a little bit different, head to Chelsea for fun that's guaranteed to get you singing your heart out and dancing the night away. Badly.

*Manager Alejandro Madrid has created the ultimate summer cocktail: the Slush Yuppie. He has introduced an original Slush Puppie machine and added one key ingredient- alcohol with the original sweet slush Puppie flavours blended with Bacardi Superior rum, crushed ice and strawberries.

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