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lime Clubs & Nightlife Review: Low Members Club

Lime Review - Clubs & Nightlife

Low Members Club

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Ronke Lawal

Reporter: Ronke Lawal
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My experience of Low started off on a "Low"

, the host/guest list person inadvertently slammed the door in our faces, upon re-opening the door asked whose guest list we were on, I stated my contact's name and my name, he hardly looked and mumbled something about not seeing anyone with that name having a guest list. I then had to do what I deem to be unacceptable and show him the email confirmation and upon seeing the email he stamped our hands and let us in. We were led down to the basement club where the decor was as one would expect and the Bellini’s were easy to digest. The Club "Ambassador", a young lady called Beatrice made us feel welcome and like VIPs throughout the evening, explaining that it would be quiet due to London Fashion Week but that we would still have fun. I am glad I was with a friend who is able to relax and have fun no matter what the situation and so we did, the music provided by DJ Stef Manni was good at mixing and clearly loved his art.  I enjoyed my evening at Low aside from the curt guest list minion it’s a good place to go to mix with Oligarchs and billionaires, I was not as relaxed as I have been in other members only clubs and thus would probably not join but I'd recommend a visit if only to meet the lovely Beatrice and experience the well designed bathroom facilities.

Info: Low Members Club, 91 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6JB | 

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