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lime Clubs & Nightlife Review: Juju Session

Lime Review - Clubs & Nightlife

Juju Session

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Havana Wellings-Longmore

Reporter: Havana Wellings-Longmore

Upstairs at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton, there is a great scene happening. A new monthly night brings together lovers of African roots music and the urban jazz scene.

Juju Sessions is a monthly Saturday jam with a live musician and band followed by DJ Volta who spins his eclectic mix of African and Caribbean vinyl late into the night. The first of the Juju sessions featured the incredible Diabel Cissokho and his band.

Diabel is a talented Senegalese singer and musician who is a clear master of the Kora and Ngoni, both forms of West African lutes. Diabel's music, like so many young African musicians, is a fusion of traditional melodies and modern day pop bass lines. What makes Diabel unique is the exquisite folk style melody his instruments allow him to achieve. 

His set contained songs which seemed to merge country and western with funk and jazz, the electric guitar and traditional drums gave a delightful twist to the Afro-beat influence Diabel music has. Diabel's set was filled with a range of songs from slow love songs to up-beat dance tracks. His voice commanded the room and nobody seemed to breathe on the intimate slow songs but the up-tempo tracks were impossible to keep still to. 

Everyone at the session was friendly and eager to sway their hips and The Ritzy was the perfect venue for Juju Sessions. The intimate space brings you closer to the live music but the seating set-up and terrace area provided opportunities to mingle and dance with fellow guests. 

Juju Sessions is a sophisticated night of music and dance and the crying shame is it's only on once a month


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