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lime Clubs & Nightlife Review: Favela, Blockparty

Lime Review - Clubs & Nightlife

Favela, Blockparty

words by

Jennifer Rock

Reporter: Jennifer Rock

The restaurant, bar and night club Guanabara is loud, lively and buzzing with a carnival atmosphere making it the perfect option for an after-work get together or late night samba.


Open seven nights a week this Brazilian music bar hosts live music with guest DJ's and has the added attraction of offering daily classes from Zumba to cocktail making. We went along to their Friday night Favela BlocParty which really lived up to its name. Food boasts a tasty selection of meats, platters and side dishes and it is worth trying their Caipirinha (a famous Brazilian cocktail) and the strawberry mojito is particularly good. 


As we sat down to our meal the band played cool jazz - which was a nice feature; however over the crowd, you cannot hear yourself speak and I couldn't help but think that the restaurant would benefit from being slightly set apart from the main club area. Plus a more elevated stage would allow us to see the performances more clearly as we ended up standing in our seats to see over the crowd. The samba show certainly entertained, as a couple in traditional Latino dress sashayed and twirled around the stage plucking people from the audience to mambo and salsa up a storm. 


It was a lively night and the music not exclusively Latino did also feature contemporary sounds with emphasis on dance. The clientele changed throughout the night from an after work soirée to those dressed up ready to rave revellers. But don't worry about looking the part as Guanabara generates the kind of atmosphere that anyone can enjoy


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