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lime Clubs & Nightlife Review: Archer Street

Lime Review - Clubs & Nightlife

Archer Street

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Ronke Lawal

Reporter: Ronke Lawal
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Archer Street is a hidden gem on the outskirts of London's vibrant Soho.

Its interior was warm and comforting and our host was pleasant and welcoming.  My friend and I walked into what appeared to be a classy "hotel-bar" on an 80s music night. I found that the music though fun (homage being paid to some classics including the late great Whitney Houston) was not quite suitable for the environment in which I found myself in.  We then heard singing, my friend and I had not noticed a Karaoke screen but it turned out that the bar staff and servers could actually sing and would break into impromptu singing sessions. Do not get me wrong it was fun but it just did not feel right, I felt as though the atmosphere was somehow manufactured and for some reason nothing felt at ease. It was an anomaly of sorts; the cocktails were lovely (my favourite being Latin Splash), the light and decor were soothing and yet we had somewhat garish 80s melodies blaring from the DJ's jukebox. I like Archer Street, it’s inoffensive and unpretentious but it’s missing that sparkle that would make me want to make it a regular haunt. 

Info: Archer Street 3-4 Archer Street Soho, London W1D 7A | 


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