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lime Children Review: Dr Suess - The Lorax

Lime Review - Children

Dr Suess - The Lorax

words by

Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

There are a few films coming out over the next few weeks to cater for the younger audience during the summer holidays.

Pixar will unleash their latest effort in August (we've seen it, and trust us its spectacular) and there will also be another instalment in the ever-popular 'Ice Age' franchise. The other release is this adaptation of a beloved story from the prolific pen of Dr Suess. The Lorax is one of his best known creations, and the bright orange spirit of nature is voiced here by Danny DeVito. It's actually genius casting, you truly get the sense of a large character bursting out of a diminutive frame. The rest of the voices, however, are problematic. The leads are the nondescript Zac Efron and Taylor Swift, who lack chemistry and any sense of enjoyment in proceedings. The animation feels surprisingly flat for the 3D film, and the story is overly stretched to breaking point. 


There are a couple of cuddly cuties thrown in to the film; which, to be fair, are pretty adorable. But then these are only supporting characters at best, and there is a sense that anything good here might just be to flog a few toys and get a few merchandising deals in place. 


Release date: 27 July

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