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lime Beauty & Lifestyle Review: Hotel Verta

Lime Review - Beauty & Lifestyle

Hotel Verta

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Sophia Jackson

Reporter: Sophia Jackson

Uniquely set in London's Vertical Gateway: The London Heliport, Battersea Hotel Verta's aviator theme runs all the way through the hotel.

The staff are immaculately turned out in well tailored, business attire which goes ideally with the classy, business-chic feel that this two month old hotel offers. 

Flowers are a key part in making this hotel feel and look organic and providing a feminine touch in what is a classy business like but contemporary designed hotel.



In the Vertilon Bar, my guest sipped on The Met Set a manly concoction of Sultana infused Woodford reserve with homemade gingerbread cinnamon and bitters - complete with tree-like cinnamon stick. I had a girlie fresh Passion fruit and basil Caipirinha made with Sagatiba pura cachaca, lime and sugar. I could have happily sipped this refreshing cocktail all night. The bar is a relaxing setting with a musical backdrop of sultry jazz with business transactions taking place amidst the contemporary chic design on the hotel's mezzanine floor. Olives and nuts kept us nourished until it was time for dinner.


For busy business professionals, it's good to know the restaurant is open until 11pm. To start, my guest had the salmon, nice and fresh but really nothing special in comparison to the tuna nicoise that I had chosen. This was a classy take on a traditional dish but there were no flaky bits of tinned tuna here. Oh no, this was a lovely, piece of tuna steak, and all the bits that make a good tuna nicoise. I enjoyed every mouthful wishing I had it for my main instead. Salads can be bland at times but this was perfect in its taste, presentation and delivery.


The main menu includes a hearty selection of meat for the carnivores out there but also plenty of fish and vegetarian options. In need of a warming meaty option my guest opted for the steak which was a juicy and weighty substantial prime cut of steak. Our five a day contribution came in the form of buttery broccoli dressed up with an unusual but workable almond and sultana mix, we also shared a healthy Verta salad. I had the lamb which was succulent and tasty. All of this washed down with a smooth and refined bottle of Redfin South Australian Cabernet Merlot. A nice touch was the refreshing palette cleanser – a Southside Daiquiri with lime and mint. Yum!


I had the worst kind of food envy when it came to dessert. I was already torn between the Pear tarte tatin with clotted cream or dark chocolate fondant with pistachio ice-cream but sadly for me I had the tarte tatin which was just far too sweet. It also lacked the delicious wow-factor of the fondant, again perfectly presented. I wanted to find an excuse to change my dessert but there wasn't one. At least you don't need to make the same mistake – I tell you now the dark chocolate fondant with pistachio ice-cream is, sorry to use a cliché, to die for. 





In tune with the business-chic that permeates the hotel, the rooms are designed in a similar vain. The bed was one that you just sink into and let it envelope you into a deep relaxation - and just so many soft, comfy pillows. My favourite part of the room was the bathroom, a good size, a nice deep bath and a TV that you can watch whilst soaking in the bath. This was a hotel first for me and a feature that stood out almost to the point of squealing with delight. 


The bathroom's mosaic design and beige colour scheme went well with the biggest bathroom mirror I've seen. The hotel is so of the moment though that I suggest you take some patience as the high tech ways of operating the technology can leave you perplexed – especially when your room has the do not disturb sign lit yet still house-keeping try to enter. Twice.



Opting to use the hotel's spa facilities post-breakfast meant I had exclusive use of the Spa Verta and gleeful took full advantage of this blissful solitude. The mood lighting of the sauna and samarium, the twinkling lights in the steam room mixed with the tranquil music made this a 'me time' experience that will stay with me for some time. You can also indulge in the hydro-vitality pool.



Part of our stay included sampling one of Hotel Verta's many treatments. The 60 minute Anne Semonin purifying facial took place in a spacious and comfortable room in the Verta Spa. The room was decorated in a chic, modern style, with deep cream walls and tiled floors. Soft intimate lighting and soothing mood music helped create a feeling of tranquility and calm. The therapist was polite and friendly and post-treatment I felt relaxed and refreshed with my skin being noticeably smoother and brighter.


The Hotel Verta experience is a slice of escapism if you don't want to leave London but do want to escape from it all. It is also a notable space if you have a business client you want to impress and entertain.



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