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lime Beauty & Lifestyle Review: Elemis Winter Warmer Delight

Lime Review - Beauty & Lifestyle

Elemis Winter Warmer Delight

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Sophia Jackson

Reporter: Sophia Jackson

Two weeks after my Elemis facial and my face is still looking brighter and I'm even braving the public without a hint of foundation.

That's not all, my skin is still super soft to the touch and thankful having been scrubbed with the Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow and hot stone massaged by my treatment specialist Lola, originally from Sardinia, Italy and trained by Elemis in her early days.


Not one to hold back, Lola revealed that my skin was dry and my face dull with a coarse texture. Post the much-needed Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial and Lola was singing a different tune. 'Wow, your face is glowing - this facial works miracles'. I looked in the mirror and you know what I did look different – less tired for sure. However, you would expect to look and feel different if you'd invested an hour and 45 minutes into treating yourself to a massage, facial and scrub. 


Taking time out in the middle of the day seem to pamper myself for almost two hours seemed indulgent but fair – I work hard. Although I did wonder how could I justify not looking at my BlackBerry for so long. Mini guilt trip over and it didn't take long for me to unwind as Lola temporarily massaged away my tension and stresses as my senses drunk in the essential oils. 


The finale was a mini manicure covering my nails with the Masquerade Belle from the Essie range - a deep Burgundy which gave my nails a sumptuous winter cheer. This an hour and 45 minutes of you time something that is a rarity these days. At least that's made my New Year's Resolutions easy - all I have to do now is make sure it lasts longer than the month of January. Go on, book yourself some 'you' time – treat yourself.


The Elemis Winter Warmer Delight Package is available until January 31, 2011, £125. 


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