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lime Beauty & Lifestyle Review: Bootcamp Pilates

Lime Review - Beauty & Lifestyle

Bootcamp Pilates

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Sophia Jackson

Reporter: Sophia Jackson

Bored of your gym routine? No motivation to go for that early morning jog you keep empty promising yourself to do?

Well, I am recommending a series of Bootcamp Pilates classes if you need to put a spring in your fitness regime or want to sculpt yourself into the body beautiful. Suitable for all levels of fitness, Bootcamp Pilates is more resistance training than cardiovascular and it’s got plenty to keep you interested at least until you have that holiday body you’re dreaming of. What’s even better is that you see the results almost instantly. 

I know the word Bootcamp is a little alarming but don’t that let you put you off; the instructors are actually not scary at all and really helpful at showing you how to get relaxed and confident on the machines whilst toning all areas of your body to the latest dance or r&b tracks.


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