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lime Music Interview: Trey Songz

Lime interview - Music

Trey Songz

words by

Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Tremaine Aldon Neverson aka Trey Songz continues his onslaught in the category of the best male singer. 

It’s been a full six years since he first came onto the scene with his boyish looks and vocally on point singing. 

Fast forward and he’s bulked up like he’s about to hit the film set for the Expendables (the ladies obviously love it) and he is about to drop his number 1 charting album Chapter 5 that has spawned some bangers like Heart Attack. 

Over in the UK for the third time, “I’m a honary English dude now!” Trey Songz is indeed close to being on par with contemporaries such ads Chris Brown. In a moment where every female will wish they were my friend I got some time to talk face to face with the man himself. 

So you have been hitting our shores a lot recently.

This is the third time I have been over to the UK this year. I am just making it more of a responsibility to come here and show my fans that I care and have conversations with my fans. I have probably been her five or six times already-I’m a honary English guy now!”

So let’s clear this up- a source states you were shy that is why you were reluctant to get into music-you do not seem shy.

I was never shy! They have me as being shy but it is more apprehensive because the chances of making it in this profession are low. You have a lot of people trying to sell you dreams and you have family saying that you are amazing.  For me it was about meeting the right people and getting on the right path and really focusing on that dream.  

How have you dealt with the constant scrutiny and being in the limelight because it comes across as something that is really difficult to deal with?

You have to condition your mind and heart because you are constantly being judged. It is something that always happened but with so many blogs and social media you are being judged just so much more quickly and so you have to learn and be sure in yourself. 

What does success mean to you?

Fans ask me that a lot in truth. Success is what you envisage it to be. You have to go into any profession knowing what you want because people will place expectations on you and their idea of success could taint yours. 

So music-how does Chapter 5 show your progress as an artist?

It shows an artist staying true his roots. It is so easy to make a Euro dance, 80 beat per min eight count track and have a hit. I do think that there are authentic records within that space that are amazing records but I do think that this is a cop out to get chart position because a person will know that it will do well.

There is a level of monotony when the charts do not show the versatility of music.

It is monotonous when you get to a point where every song sounds the same. We are not giving art the room to breathe because there are so many genres. To gain the success I have had with this current album I have fused different elements to create tracks like Simply Amazing and Heat Attack-I am really proud of this album!

Your brother helped produce Don’t Be Scared featuring Rick Ross-that must have been a proud moment!

Shout out to my brother who has been working hard at his craft. He did not make the album before but he kept working and it was definitely not a hand out, he came with a great song and it really fitted the project so I am very proud of him.

So what are the plans?

I have so many songs probably thirty or forty songs that are unheard so I will probably release a mix-tape. I will definitely be going on tour in the States and then probably I will go on tour here in the UK at the top of the year so go check me out

Lastly, you are really involved with your philanthropic causes just explain some of the things you will be doing this year?

Last year we did a free concert put out two mix-tapes, an ep and a few videos that you could download where the money would go to the foundation. I have my agents world-wide contributing to their communities. I feel that it is my responsibility to entertain and well as educate.



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