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lime Music Interview: Trenyce set to thrill

Lime interview - Music

Trenyce set to thrill

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Back in 2003 when American Idol was a more controllable beast Trenyce Cobbins took part and while she did not win (she came fifth) she showed herself to be an amazing vocalist. 




Almost ten years later and Trenyce has gone on to work with the institution that is R Kelly, perform with another American Idol star and winner Ruben Studdard and notched up a string of hit theatrical performances. Currently performing a lead role in the musical Thriller Live she has her sights set on finally bringing a full album to the masses. It’s still a work in progress but her energy and self-belief are evident as we talk in the depths of the Lyric Theatre.


I first have to ask about X Factor-what was that like?


It is a very controlled place and very often the winner does not do as well as they should. I think because you do not win you know you have to work your ass off. As the winner you only have won shot for the big shot but when you do not win you can make the mistakes without it being in the public.


It seems very intense.


You are literally just thrown into the record business but luckily my mother was my manager and she would take me around, we read the books so we knew what we were doing so by the time American Idol came I was able to look at the contract and go that is not right that is not right.


Is it a bad contract?


It’s not that great it has gone on record as being one of the worst contracts ever but I feel at the same time that if you are going to be in the industry and get signed to a label you are going to have to give up something-it’s almost impossible to sign a deal with a record company and get everything you want.


Before getting to music I just wanted to talk about your starring role in Thriller Live it looks gruelling.


I have been to other shows in the West End and this is the hardest show because we are on stage 90 percent of the time including the dancers, the breath control to sing and dance it is hard and Michael Jackson sang high! You have to give it every single night to the fans. It is definitely not the type of show to be unwell in!


And now music I know you are looking to drop your first debut album soon.


I am not with a label-what I am doing is I am in the beginning stages of an album but I feel like I have been getting ready for an album for a while really. I did American Idol then and I did not really know who I was as an artist and now it has been ten years and I have experienced heart ache, real love, I experienced my parents’ divorce so I have experienced a lot of things that gives me something to write about. 


How would you describe your musical style?


I would describe my music as disco and soul-I want to create that genre and so if there is a way to marry that disco with that funk soul then it would be me-think Diana Ross with a bit of Donna Summers, Chaka Khan and Whitney!


That’s a mix!


I know but I want a sound that sets me apart that is how you win Grammys. Adele went almost diamond because she did not do a dance record, she went against the grain and so that is what I want to do.


So who have you got planned for that album?


I cannot say who I am working with because there is nothing signed on the dotted line but who would I love to work with? Definitely Will I am he is amazing –he is a nerd when it comes to the studio-nerds are really fastidious and so fingers cross that will happen so watch out for something in 2013!



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