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lime Music Interview: Seb Stone

Lime interview - Music

Seb Stone

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EDITOR - Vernia Mengot

Reporter: EDITOR  - Vernia Mengot

This month Lime catches up with Independent musician, producer, songwriter and singer Seb Stone.


Fast-rising new UK talent – Seb Stone is a talented musician, producer, songwriter and singer who has worked with Guy Chambers, and has sung backing vocals for James Morrison and Leona Lewis. Entirely self taught his music is influenced by funk, urban pop and reggae and he is also the producer for other unsigned artists out of SKP Studios in West London, most recently working with rising retro girl group The Tootsie Rollers. In this interview Seb gets talking to Lime about his new EP ‘Ordinary You’. 

Congratulations on the upcoming release of your new EP ‘Ordinary You’ what can people expect from the release?


Thank you! I'm really excited about this release (which is the second of the year). There are four tracks on the EP crossing pop, urban, funk and rock genres. I've written, produced, recorded, performed (vocals, guitars, drums, bass, piano) everything myself and feel that I've matured as an artist. For me this is reflected in the music and the songs.


What were the ideas behind your new single ‘Stand’?


To be honest, I was so happy with each song that it was difficult to choose just one single! But with 'Stand' I felt that the emotion and lyrics could connect with people. It's a song fundamentally about hope and what it feels like if it starts to wear thin, especially if you're faced with people that like to undermine you or if you've found yourself in situations you just shouldn't be in. For me, it was like a faceoff with fear.


Your debut album is due out summer 2013; tell us about some of the tracks that you are working on.


I'm writing a lot and have songs for the new album but I'm going to write more and pick my favourites. Currently there seems to be a theme of open lyrics, strong melodies, and varied rhythms. I'm going to play around with Latin grooves, experiment with Ska and get deeper into Reggae. I've been listening to a lot of old school Reggae artists/bands like Desmond Dekker, Jimmy Cliff & Toots and the Maytals, as well as discovering new funk and soul artists. So really, the album could go anywhere! 



You were raised around music, what was life like growing up?


In a word, brilliant! Although like any childhood as you look back as an adult you can see the rough and smooth with greater clarity. My mum was away on tour a lot of the time in my early days, which was tough for me and my sister but also immensely cool. Imagine being a young kid and going along to rehearsals and meeting the musicians that have inspired so many people. I was a very lucky boy to have been exposed to such great artists. Drummers like Steve Ferrone and Steve Gadd, bass player Nathan East, then there's Jeff Beck, Roger Waters, Clapton, George Harrison…to be honest, the list is huge! As I said, I was a very lucky boy!



Had a career in music been your main focus from a young age?


Actually no. I remember vaguely wanting to be a teacher and then a businessman. I had taken business studies and economics as an A-level but got extremely bored and spent most of my time humming or thinking of a tune. Suffice to say I dropped that subject and started considering music as a career. Although I didn't start playing, singing or writing until I was around 19/20, I was a relatively late starter.



Who are your musical influences?


They have a tendency to change but artists I continue to revisit would be Ben Harper, Stephen Simmonds and Jamiroquai. I'm looking to get deeper into Tom Petty and an artist I discovered recently, Baby Huey.



You’ve worked with some well-known musicians. Who else do you have on your radar?


Ah definitely Adele and Lana Del Rey! Could be because I fancy them both but, you know…No seriously, I'm just going to concentrate on my next release and putting a shit hot band together.



Where do you see yourself in five years?


Hmm, well I try to keep myself in the present but I have BIG plans for the future. To keep it simple; I'll continue to write, record and release music, I'll learn new instruments, net myself a few awards and discs of various precious metals and be on the road touring. Alongside continuing to produce other bands and artists I'll most likely have a label set up. But as always the focus will be on pushing myself as an artist.



What has been the highlight of 2012?


Definitely the completion and release of my two EPs 'Human' and 'Ordinary You'. 



How will you be celebrating New Year?


Well, I intend to start 2013 as I did 2012 and get straight to work on the 1st! So something low key with my closest friends and family is on the cards. There's no way I'm starting the New Year off with a two week hangover!




Facebook: www.facebook.com/sebstonemusic






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