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lime Music Interview: Oya Dance for Abrantee

Lime interview - Music

Oya Dance for Abrantee

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EDITOR - Vernia Mengot

Reporter: EDITOR  - Vernia Mengot

The Triple Award Winning Club, TV & Radio DJ Abrantee has established himself as one of the most exciting and entertaining DJ’s on the Urban & African music scene.

Currently a host on the weekday drive time show on London’s Choice FM alongside the popular and trending Afrobeats show each Saturday night, Abrantee has had huge success and has built an incredible following. He has supported some of the world biggest artists in concert including Jay Z and has also interviewed the likes of Usher, Drake, African stars P Square, Wizkid, Ice Prince and many more. With Afrobeats growing hugely popular, the celebration of Ghana Independence this month and the release of his latest mix-tape; Abrantee took time out his busy schedule to catch up with Lime. 

You are known as one of the most influential and established African music DJ’s on the scene, what do you think it is about Afrobeat music that is making it such a popular trend? 

Thank you very much for that introduction. The influence of Kuti is clearly evident in the new generation of Afrobeats artists. The music has gained popularity having evolved over the years with various Afrobeats musicians experimenting to suit their individual styles with the inclusion of non-traditional instruments, electronic sounds, grooves, synths, hip-hop kicks It is now an amalgamation of beats. It’s something different, young, full of life and now making its way to the global commercial arena rightfully.

Is it me or does West Africa dominate the genre Afrobeats and can we hear other types of African music on your show? 

Certainly appears that way overseas especially since Afrobeats originates from Nigeria so naturally it would be most popular from that territory. However other parts of Africa especially south are producing great music, stars and making a lot of noise on the scene with what they are calling Afrohouse.

Who do you think is the hottest female artist in Afrobeats? 

There are not enough females but the ones that are out are doing very well with the likes of Tiwa, Omawunmi and others but without a doubt the Queen, May7ven is in a league of her own and paved the way for the others that are now following suite. She has achieved so much including being the first female afrobeats artist to ever be A-Listed on commercial radio with her hit ‘TEN TEN” “Oya Dance for Abrantee” 

Which male artists are dominating the scene?

There are too many to mention but I can start with Kokomaster, D’banj, Wizkid, Atumpan, Sakodi, Davido, the twins Peter & Paul Okoye from Psquare.

Azonto was clearly massive last year, what do you think is in store for Afrobeats this year? 

Honestly, I think this year is more about the artists themselves rather than a dance or movement. The artists are churning out hits after his and now starting to be recognised superstars in this genre at international level. It would be great to get another Afrobeats track to the National Charts.

Does it frustrate you that it’s taken such a long time for it to land on the map, especially on commercial radio stations? 

Not really and I don’t see it that way at all. I mean it has happened at the right time. A few years ago, the artists were not producing at this level, only a few such as 2face, Psquare and Dbanj. Now they are all investing heavily in thier music, videos and realise the importance of quality mix, master and world class audio ready tracks for radio play. When I submitted my demo to Choice FM, they heard great quality music irrespective of the language barrier and bought into the idea.

What is your favourite track out at the moment, what should I have on repeat? 

There are so many tracks at the moment, so I can only suggest you listen to my Afrobeats Collection Vol2 to hear them all.

For people that haven’t heard your recent mix-tape Afrobeats Vol.2, what can they expect to hear? 

The very best of Afrobeats from the major players in the genre. It’s fun, upbeat and full of special guest appearances.
On Choice FM, you have had the chance to interview a whole list of celebs/artists. Tell us about some of your unforgettable interviews. 
Has to be the main man Usher. I have always been a huge fan of his music and stage craft but didn’t realise how cool and down to earth he was until I had the opportunity of interviewing him.

You’re heavily involved in charity work; tell us about your involvement with Peace on the Streets, how is that campaign going? 

I am always excited about anything that will help our local community and the youth.

What has been the highlight of your career so far? 

It’s got to be getting a top 20 itunes charts position with Afrobeats the ultimate collection Vol2. And meeting and laughing with Jay-z.

I didn’t realise that you have done some acting in your time; will you be revisiting that talent?

Certianly! I love acting and would be pursing that at some point. Maybe towards the end of the year but so busy right now it will be difficult to commit to any major projects.

What’s next on your radar, what does 2013 have in store for you?

I am very excited about this year. Lots in the pipeline over the summer with new music, my mix tapes, more Afrobeats Sundays Event, Festivals and so much more.

Lastly when can people tune in? 

People can catch me on Choice FM every weekday for my Drivetime show between 4pm-8pm and on Saturday 10pm - 12am.

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