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lime Music Interview: Nigerias Super Sun

Lime interview - Music

Nigerias Super Sun

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Bez taking Nigerian music to the next level.

Nigeria is slowly making an impact on the global scene and whilst Nollywood, Nigeria’s film industry is paving the way, the Nigerian music scene is hot on its tail. One of the artists making the Nigerian scene hot at the moment is the soulful talent that is Emmanuel Bezhiwa Idakula or Bez as he is simply known. 


Making history as the first Nigerian artist to have his single That Stupid Song premiere on the renowned BET 106 Park, Bez is making a claim as one of Nigeria’s premier artists. 


In the UK we are still getting to know his name but the signs are great-Bez will undoubtedly become a global musical force. In the meantime Lime got the opportunity to have a little time with the man.


Firstly, has music always been your first choice for a career?


Oh no, I actually wanted to be a pilot and then I wanted to be like an IT specialist and so I studied communications technology in college but in college I did some soul searching to find out what I was really meant to do in this life because I am spiritual as well.


So why did this soul searching make you realise that music was your real calling?


I could not think of anything else that I would rather do. I just really felt my purpose in life was to give value to people through music- it was just this gift that I was given. 


Was your up-bringing very musically orientated?


I grew up in a place called Jos that was like this musical place where people would hone their skills to be really great rather than any commercial gain. So growing up in a place like that it was really competitive so I learnt to play the guitar when I was nine and I have just kept on playing until now.


What was the water shed moment in your musical career when you decided to go for it?


It happened in my third year in school I was talking to people we were gigging for (I was just the guitarist at the time I was not doing my own stuff) and so when I was talking to one of the people they asked me if I wanted to go into music? They said they thought I could make it. It was so encouraging to get that feedback from someone in the industry.


So your album Super Sun is fantastic- give me a little background on the name and the overall idea you wanted to convey.


A lot of people want to be super stars but people do not know what it takes to be a super star or the amount of responsibility you have. So I thought about it I thought instead of being a superstar why don’t we focus on what is a star and the brightest star is the sun. I just thought about it that way I want to be a super sun the number 1 artist in the world.


What about your follow-up album because while people are just getting wind of you in the UK, Super Sun is actually quite old?


Over a period of years I built on my songs More You I wrote in 2008-sometimes you have writer’s block but you just have to wait and the material does come. Right now I am having thoughts about new material waiting to just burst out and then obviously a second album.


Lastly is Nigeria on the cusp of great success?


A seed has to die and rot before it can grow-that is why Nigeria is so powerful because we have growth coming through- this is the right time to be in Nigeria!



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