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lime Music Interview: Moya-definitely not lost

Lime interview - Music

Moya-definitely not lost

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Moya bringing a breath of fresh air to the music world.

Bournemouth born Moya represents one of those music related inbox surprises that is a joy to receive. She brings a refreshing breeze to the all encompassing heat of the commercial music world. 


Her album Lost and Found due for release in August jumps with boldness into an ensemble of genres and importantly pulls it off. All too often artists can try to delve into too many genres and subsequently create a body of work that is confused and lacking direction but she pulls of this juggling act with aplomb as the album charts her “life” to date.


From the title track Lost and Found, a rousing cut, to the “cathartic” Lightening and the brilliant Lust, Moya has set a huge benchmark with this debut album that really does deliver. 


So let’s talk about your musical beginnings.


I had a musical upbringing my mum was seriously into disco but I was also into musicals I always used to go to the theatre and still do. 


Music grabbed you then from an early age.


I acted and danced actually but singing really just stuck with me and the song writing just kind of just happened. I had been writing for a few years but it really happened when I took a gap year ‘to find myself’.


In what way did you find yourself?


It was when I took my gap year that I thought what the hell was I doing? It was a real blessing in disguise because I did not get into drama school and it was then I realised I did not want to act I wanted to sing. 


Musically you have set yourself slightly apart from the commercial sound of today.


I love contemporary music but I would not say it inspires me the way the older stuff does. I have so much more respect for the older stuff in terms of recording because there was no auto-tune or anything you had to be an amazing performer.


Your album is very eclectic and avoids being too commercial. 


It is quite an eclectic album and really the mixture of genres probably should not work but when you listen to it in its entirety then it all really fits together. I wanted to express the genres I loved as a kid and stick it altogether and make it one happy family and thank God it worked.


How involved were you on the album? 


I wanted to get mucked in with the whole recording process. I wanted to be there and make sure that I was completely comfortable. It was more fulfilling to have that time to express myself when they were mixing the album.


What are the themes that come up in the album?


It is a reflection of my life so far, I mean it sounds a bit dated to say that but I think your debut album has to resemble you in a personal way and that is what wanted to do.


What is the most cathartic track on the album?


Oh it has to be Lightening it is about an ex who did not want to give any emotion. He was a completely closed book and so I wrote this song as a two finger salute to him to say I can do this on my own.


Have to ask about Wiley loving your music.


Wiley does his albums at Alaska Records and he is very good friends with my friend Bev who runs Alaska. Basically Wiley was sat all afternoon at Alaska when he was recording looking at my videos and he tweeted about them and since then we have been in contact-hopefully we will work with each other soon.


What are the longer term plans for you?


All I want to do is write the second album. In September I will start writing it and I want to see how I have progressed and see what I can come up with and hopefully something amazing will come out second time around!


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