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lime Music Interview: Misha B

Lime interview - Music

Misha B

words by

Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

X Factor remains at best a punishing TV spectacle that is more about the theatre of the individual artists’ journeys while trying to forge a music career rather than the actual music at times. 

That said however despite many negative aspects to it, stars are found. While winning the show does not always guarantee musical success and indeed most of the time winners disappear into the graveyard of X Factor winners the show is a huge platform for all those that take part. 

So Misha B is a case in point. Since taking part she has cut a swathe through all those other contestants that took part as the most successful (at present) from the 2011 show. 

Her first single Home Run (2012) blasted its way to number 11 in the national charts and now her second single Do You Think of Me seeks to build on that success. A slower number to its dance influenced predecessor it sounds like it will once again do well in the charts.

So Lime got some very limited time with the in demand Misha who literally had some ten interviews in just a few hours but X Factor has certainly helped in keeping a professional attitude. She was completely lovely throughout maintaining an air of interest when it is certain she faced the same questions throughout the day. 

What inspired you to be a singer?

When I was younger I always liked writing poems and then after the poems I just loved music. My passion for music grew and grew over the years and then seeing people like Michael Jackson (who is my biggest inspiration) just made me want to become the best singer I could be.

In what way has becoming an artist if indeed it has lived up to your expectations?

I think it is more of a journey, you cannot wake up and then suddenly you are an artist it takes a lot of time and dedication. For me the best thing that I have learnt is that you cannot be afraid of learning and you cannot be afraid of taking a back seat and just watching.

Did X Factor prepare you for life as a solo singer in the glare of the media?

For me this far X Factor has been the best experience of my life and without that regardless of its highs and lows it has set me up for what is about happen-I really needed something like that.

Do You Think of Me your next single is a slower number to Home Run-explain the tack a bit more.

Yes it is and Do You Think of Me is just about missing someone and wondering if they are thinking about. It is a song about missing generally whether someone has died, a lost relationship or whatever it’s just about those feelings. It’s funny now that I have moved to London from Manchester I really understand what it means because I am definitely missing my family and friends. 

You are due to tour with Nicki Minaj I heard her team reached out to you.

Well I am not sure word for word how it actually happened but I know someone from her team got in touch with someone from my team and now I am going to be touring with Nicki Minaj when she comes over and so I am just so excited- it is going to be amazing.

Briefly will you be rapping in up and coming material because I know you can get all Lady Leshurr?

Well I have a mix-tape coming out at the end of the year on a free download and so there will be a bit of spitting on the mic there and so look out for that but I am primarily a singer and that is what I love doing so.

And lastly what are your specific plans for world domination in 2013?

I cannot say much but I know there will be a whole load of things which I just cannot wait to let my fans hear and see. 

What does community mean to you?

Community means working togetherness and working together to make whatever or wherever you are the best it can. At the moment I am trying to work on myself and improve myself so the youngsters see that you can make it but you have to work hard. What I do however do is when I have time I always go down to the youth clubs in Manchester and now over here in London the UK to talk with the kids and give them encouragement to achieve and be the best that they can. Community is everything but I believe the children are the most important thing because they are the next generation.


Do You Think of Me release November 4th.

Facebook: IamMishaB 

Twitter: @iammishab

Soundcloud: iammishab


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