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lime Music Interview: Los Charlys Orchestra

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Los Charlys Orchestra

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Los Charlys Orchestra have just released their new 'Rediscovering The Big Apple' album and are the resident band on Saturday nights at Floridita. 

How did this come about and what has it brought to LCO?


We've devoted the last few years of our life to music and to Los Charly's, so it's very rewarding to hear the album finally coming together. We are also very happy to reconnect with our musical roots and give back our humble contribution to the music.


Floridita has played a key roll on the development of the Live aspect of the band, having played there almost every single Saturday night for more than two years now, and this period has really brought the performance standards of Los Charly's up to a very high level. The band is super solid and uplifting, and I feel so satisfied when I listen back and think to myself: "Whaou, this is really sounding like the band I always dreamed of..."


Can you describe the sound of LCO and what playing Live gives your band? 


In general terms Los Charly's is a very lively band, playing 'happy music' that's super funky and uplifting. We like to make and play music that can touch your soul and make you smile! and this is our major satisfaction…when you give the listener a great musical moment to remember!


Tell us about your music business fans and who has been championing the sound of LCO?

We had been very lucky to meet some awesome producers along the way, many of them people that we've admired since we were kids back in Venezuela. So it's great not only to meet them today but also to have the opportunity of working/collaborating with them.

On our first album, we had the opportunity to work with Jose Luis Pardo, the guitarist in one of our favourite bands of all times, Los Amigos Invisibles. Later on we had the pleasure to connect with ace dance producer, Joey Negro, who did some heavy edits for us, which are still in huge demand on re press. We have also collaborated with Mr Xantone Blacq and cafe Del Mar's former resident, Jose Padilla on some of his Balearic groove projects which led to us playing at the Blue Marlin in Ibiza.


You press Limited Edition Vinyl of your releases and can you tell us which ones are still in demand and which producers and remixers you have worked with? 

The 'Disco Funk EP' with the Joey Negro Edits is the most demanded 12" for repress. Also 'The Groove' and 'It's Synonyms EP' in 12" format are also big hitters for us and supported by Dimitri from Paris. 

'The Latin Edition No 1" in 7" format featuring 'My Barrio' also sold out super quick, and it has crossed over on to the NYC Salsa/boogaloo scene.


Your biggest tunes have caught on worldwide and what songs are you proudest of and why?

Every single song we put out has a very positive meaning to us, but there are obviously some tunes that touch certain scenes more directly than others, for example "Black Boy Lane" from our first Disco/Funk period was super popular on the new Disco scene, championing it to the max a couple of years ago.

"Some Of The Things' and "It So Loved' Joey Negro Edit touched more of a Soulful/Boogie crowd, which led to our biggest gig at Jazz Cafe gig which was also totally sold out.

From our current Latin/Funk period I would say that "My Barrio & Al Ritmo Del Latin Funk" are the top tunes, jamming on the Funky/Soul scene of Radio 6's Craig Charles Funk and Soul show to the Latin scene of NYC, China and Australia -  these two tunes have really managed unify the whole thing...


What do you think working with other people gives LCO?

The eclectic mix of its musicians gives the perfect balance to what we do, with British, Venezuelans, Brazilians, Australians, etc, it's a real crossover and a real expression of what London is about. And working with other producers obviously broadens the spectrum of our sound.


You and your partner, hail from Caracas in Venezuela originally and tell us briefly how you got together and how your career has developed in your new base, London?


Yeah we are both from Caracas and are long time friends, both musical people since forever.  Juan is primarily a drummer and I was a DJ running my own sound system since I was 18.

I was very interested in the emerging dance music/club movement of the UK at the time, so I decided that I wanted to go to London to explore the music scene.

A couple of years later Juan decided to join the adventure of the music making dream and that was the beginning of what we do today I guess.

It has not been easy, but little by little we have managed to build our own little musical community. It may not be the biggest, but the quality is there, and that's what matters to us. "Quality musical people".



Do you have an unforgettable memory during your career and what marks this out as special? 

Last years gig at Unico in Shanghai, China, was pretty striking for all of us.


What are you currently working on and what’s coming up for you in the next few months in terms of releases, shows etc


As well as the new 'Rediscovering The Big Apple" album coming up, we will be gigging in London till February and then head to Germany for some shows with some of our Jazz friends from there and then hopefully back to Shanghai!

On the recording side there's already a couple of tracks to be released in Spring 2014 plus an LCO Remixed edition album in collaboration with some of our favourite friends.


How and when were you first infected by music, andy early musical memories? And who and what were are greatest influences and inspirations and why?  ie neighbourhoods, family, other musicians etc? 


Well, I would say and I'm sure that Juan would too that the musical infection comes primarily from our homeland and families. My father used to collect lots of records and I was exposed to that all the time.

Later on there were two iconic clubs that marked my musical life as well as the whole of Caracas. "Bar Too", which was quite unique for its particular mix of some of the most cutting edge and alternative music you could hear at the time mashed up with some of the heaviest Salsa and Barrio sounds."The Flower" was the other funky club just around the corner, where the up coming band of the moment 'Los Amigos Invisibles' used to hold their regular night.

Between those two clubs I savoured so many amazing musical moments to the point I decided that music was what I wanted to do in my life.


How did you get into making music? 

My very first steps into music making was singing in a Venezuelan Folk band with some of my friends. I then got into the DJ thing and after a few years in London, later into production thing and it all compliments each other in the end.


First record you ever brought?

One of my first very loved tracks was 'Galaxy' by War and also 'K- Jee' by MFSB, which after a few years I found in a Disco/House format in a little record shop in Soho!


And is there anything fun or wacky or that we don’t know about you?  

ie hobbies, collections, special skills, etc


Well, I've always liked photography and I been doing it for years as a hobby. It's fun and I like to buy cameras and related equipment, and it also was my fathers hobby! hehehe! ;-)



Los Charly’s Orchestra release their new ‘Rediscovering The Big Apple’ album and play at Floridita Saturday November 16th and 30th at 100 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0TN. 2 shows at 10pm and 11.30pm and check them out at  http://www.loscharlysmusic.com/ 

listen to the album: https://soundcloud.com/imagenes-co-uk/los-charlys-orchestra


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