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lime Music Interview: Lady Leshurr

Lime interview - Music

Lady Leshurr

words by

Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Your Time


Lady Leshurr has been on the scene for a while impressing multitudes of people with her bars and her verbal dexterity but life is evidently about time. 

Her new track Lego Lady Leshurr knocks on the music fraternity’s door stating clearly that she has done the waiting and is now in the right place to take the mantle as one of the hottest rappers male or female. Repping Birmingham to the fullest Lady Leshurr, it’s your time.

What’s the state of the UK female emcee scene at the moment?

I think it’s healthy at the moment; a lot of female emcees are starting to work hard, crack down, focus on their music. There’s a lot more that have come out as well now. It’s good to see female emcees coming up.

You’ve been quiet for a bit was that needed as a period of time to reflect?

No way! I’m never quiet that’s the thing I’ve always got so much to say. There’s so much happening now it’s not just about me doing mix tapes, I’m working on building my career, I’m working for hours on music in the studio. So I guess I’m focussing on that so perhaps that’s why I seem quieter.

What was it like acting One Day a film that courted controversy?

It was a good experience. It’s the first movie I’ve ever been in. I didn’t act as such; I was kind of just being me really! It was nice to meet the cast and the director and being in a different situation, it was a good experience.

So Lego had Wizzy Wow on production how did this connection happen?

Basically we got to session with each other and he showed me a few tracks and one was the Lego instrumental and it really stood out for me. I just jumped in the booth and did my thing and it just went from there really. I didn’t think it would be my single just thought it might be for my album, but I’m glad it’s the one I came out with because it’s my kind of music and style.

Your double time is harsh and you are getting comparisons to Busta but you famously mimicked a whole heap of artists. 
Who else can you do?

Uhmm mimic wise I can do a lot of people’s accents and stuff! The last mix-tape I released had a lot of impersonations on it where I did my own little spin off. I did Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Busta - I can do a lot of people because I’m crazy like that! I just do it because I find it funny. Music is just about having fun.

Your EP Up the Leash, give me a flavour of what’s on there?

That was released earlier on this year in August. It’s got four tracks on there it’s got a grime track. It’s energetic and it’s just me spitting fast and some spitting slow. It showcases my versatility really!

You have your own label how is that going?

It’s going well at the moment. We’re releasing Lego off there and see how it goes.

HOT IN 2012: What’s in the pipeline for you in 2012?

More mix-tapes, my album is due for release in March next year too. And lots more collaborations as well. All exciting stuff, I can’t wait!


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