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lime Music Interview: Kelly Erez

Lime interview - Music

Kelly Erez

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Kelly bringing true RnB back

If Kelly Erez was an emotion it would be like that feeling you get when you suddenly see your best friend from school that you had not seen for ages. 

Kelly is bringing soulful RnB back to the fore and this movement of sorts is made more prominent by the musical landscape in the UK at present. Indeed Kelly counts that great 90’s era as her main inspiration into music with names like Maria Carey and Boyz II Men the fuel for the clean harmonies of this talented lady. 

While it has been a long arduous battle Kelly’s management, on point marketing and of course great music has already seen her touted as one to watch by forces such as 1Xtra.  Her debut album Come To Me which is out now will warm RnB connoisseurs in the glow only a real fire can give and just like a long lost friend for some, it will bring back all those happy times from the 90’s-it’s supreme. 

Firstly I know you and your sister work together on your music just explain your musical relationship.

There is an eight year age gap and my sister was always into music and so I would listen to her music but also listen to her creating music. I was always then surrounded by music but because my sister was doing it I did not want to copy her in a way but eventually my love for music took over. My sister and I actually just really work well together.

Your manager Harvey seems to have a real big game plan for you.

He does but it was funny because Harvey heard the stuff my sister and I were doing and he said that this is really good and he wanted to work with us. Harvey had been in the music business before but left it and vowed he would not return but because he loved what we did and had such faith in it he decided to get back into music and manage me.

It is very important to get a manger that you can obviously work with.

Harvey and I both have marketing backgrounds and so we have been coming up with ideas together but what I like about Harvey is he is such a nice person and just really professional in what he does and that is important. 

When did you decide that music is what you want to do?

When I was thirteen a guy got me in touch with this lady who wrote songs. I was always singing at school and barmitzvahs and generally writing songs and so people knew I loved music. When this person put me in touch with this lady I realised that I really did want to sing. From there I started going to studios and writing songs and immersing myself in my love of music.

How hard has it been getting to where you are now?

You can have a dream but if you do not turn up for things then it will not happen. As a team it has been difficult from doing everything with our own budget to staying up until one or sometimes two in the morning doing promotion, doing the twitter it is constant you cannot take your foot off for one minute otherwise things just slide.

The album has dropped you must be ecstatic?

I am definitely happy but I would have loved to put more tracks on the album for my fans and to show even more appreciation for how they have supported me. Actually my sister and I were on the phone yesterday and she was saying how the tracks coming out now are similar to the tracks she was writing when she was growing up. So we want to get back in the studio and possibly add some extra bonus tracks on the back of this album so that will be really nice.


Youtube: kellyerez

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