You might not know Jareth yet but keep your ears tuned for this soulful young lady " />
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lime Music Interview: Jareth Find Her Path

Lime interview - Music

Jareth Find Her Path

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

You might not know Jareth yet but keep your ears tuned for this soulful young lady

She has built a reputation for video in the strangest of places, a taxi and more recently in a lift with a group of bystanders but unusual locations aside she is a top draw talent. Her latest single Pathway with one of the hardest femcees out there Lady Lioness is a dub-step inspired track that demands you sing along.

Ok first things first Jareth love the name what does it mean and is it your real name?

Thanks, Jareth is my actual name you couldn’t make that stuff up could you? I wish it had some kind of relevant connection like that but as far as I know it’s Welsh.


Why is it only now that you are making a push to get your name out there or have you had earlier attempts?

I believe everything happens in good time. Things are happening and have been happening organically. I think if you ask most artists they will tell you, we try and attempt all the time in every capacity to bring our art.

You are building a reputation for videos in strange places the taxi and now in the lift?

My mate Ashleigh gave me an idea a little while ago to go gate crash a school assembly. I might just do it as well. I don’t know about you but back in school such an event as assembly acted as extra ‘sleep time’. So I am sure the students would welcome the twist, I know I would have.

So that voice is very soulful explain the influences for you?

The usual suspects; Amy Winehouse, Jill Scott, Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill… the list goes on.

You have stepped into a bit of dub-step if you will with Lioness explain how you got together on that? 

The Internet is a big place and also happens to be my office (twitter). I hand pick all my features, so when I came across ‘ness I knew I wanted her on “Pathway”. My lovely online PR lady Rachel White made the actual connect and the rest is history.

Any other juicy collabos as well?

Yes and I am going to be annoying and be all cloak and dagger about releasing the names. Not to worry though all will be revealed soon so keep an eye out on my twitter.

There is a small growing group bringing soulful r&b back do you have any plans to get with that as well?

I am an industry professional, so it makes no sense for me to discriminate against any genre. My vocal will always be soul so I can never run away from that. I love soul/ r&b music but if that isn’t keeping a roof over my head I will jump that sinking ship.

You are an independent artist but what are your long-term aspirations?

I aspire to continue to be independent. I strive to never sign to a major if I can help it. Major labels are essentially banks these days (very little is in-house anymore), if I don’t need to take out that loan I won’t. Those extra percentages will feed my future babies.

What\'s the best thing about being a woman?

We are always underestimated, and secretly I love this as it often means people (the men) are never prepared for what we end up laying on them.

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