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lime Music Interview: Interview Hatty Keane

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Interview Hatty Keane

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Everyone is keen on Hatty Keane.

Back in 2011 a sixteen year old Hatty Keane won the Open Mic competition with a scintillating performance. A year and a bit later after signing  with BGM, Hatty has performed with people like Pixie Lott, Ed Sheeran and Wretch 32 to name but a few.


Having interviewed her back in 2011 she was clearly a slightly rough diamond waiting to be polished. A year later and she has indeed proved that the potential BGM saw was the real deal. At the headquarters of BGM Hatty is busy putting the finishing touches to an acoustic cover version of Angel’s song Wonderful for the MOBOS while juggling interviews through the day.


Her diary is now heaving with appearances, interviews and studios session all in the pursuit of her lofty aspirations for musical success. 


Walking in with a definite confident swagger with some killer high heels she definitely looks like a star but she still remains at present that down earth teenager from a year ago.


So Hatty it was a year or more when we last met-how have things changed and progressed?


Well last year I feel like I was still growing and trying to find my sound I feel like I was five back then it is madness! When you met me I still was not sure what I actually wanted but this year I know exactly where I am going, we have the right vibe and we have the right songs. I am happy now with what I have right now.


I remember you went into the 6th form and you were going to study Physics and Chemistry while pursuing music-how did that go?


That was the worst year of my life because firstly none of my friends came to the same school then I was hardly there anyway so I could not make any friends with these new people anyway and my mind was in other places. On one day I was supporting Ed Sheeran and then the next day I was sat down in a Chemistry lesson. I just felt so drained and I felt that I was making myself low. Going to school did not really make me feel that I was actually doing my best for my music career so I quit at the end of last year because it was just getting too much.


That must have been a difficult decision?


Yes definitely and the last straw was when I had all my exams and I just realised that it was not something that I could continue trying to do-this is what I want to do I do not want a normal job.


So who is Hatty Keane as an artist?


I am pop but I am edgy and urban it is not cheesy stuff. Best Kept Secret my first single perfectly encapsulates what I am about really.


You have supported massive acts like Labrinth, Pixie Lott, Ed Sheeran who has been the most interesting to meet?


They were all great but I recently met Wiley. He was really interesting because he does not care I mean that in a good way. I am similar to him in a way because I just want to do what I want to do. He was saying about Heat Wave that none of the radio shows would take it but he persevered and then the track became a number 1!


The new single No One Loves You is quite different to your first two releases.


I would describe it as a mysterious kind of vibe at first and then it breaks into some crazy House beat and it is really catchy and if you played it in the club people would go crazy. We actually had a writer in for the single but we bounced off each other and I prefer that because you get a vibe and then you can make something better. 


And when will we be seeing an album from you?


Well we are getting the album ready so No One Loves You will be on the album but we have other things we are doing in the meantime. I am really excited about a video coming out for a song called Ride which is a cheeky song it is kind of reggae vibe. The video will shock because it is based on a B movie template and I am like this bad ass who is quite dangerous but it has this really cool twist so look out for that. 




No One Loves You out now.

website: www.hattykeane.com 

Twitter: @hattykeane 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hattykeanemusic 

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