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lime Music Interview: I smell the sweet scent of Roses Gabor

Lime interview - Music

I smell the sweet scent of Roses Gabor

words by

Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

The paths for artist into music are as varied as the genres of music that occupy the musical world. 

While some forge ahead with their musical aspirations with no plans for any other career paths others tread the safer road to musical success.

Roses is in truth in the latter category being a successful employee at a large bank before fate decided to knock on her door like a bailiff with a chance meeting with one of the figure heads from the brilliant group Gorillaz.

A few years on and the bubbly Roses has achieved a number one and worked with urban giants like Shy FX and Donaeo. After so much work with other she finally forges ahead with her solo plans and her debut single Stars a dance influenced number with a rather surreal video launches the talented Londoner’s solo aspirations-the sweet smell of success beckons! 

I wonder if she will keep her word about that cup of tea?

I saw in your bio that you had a chance meeting with Gorilllaz figure head Noodles explain how that actually happened?

It’s a very long story .... perhaps I'll tell you over tea? 


The fact that you had a nine to five suggests you know that music is very unpredictable but what has your personal journey been like?


My journey has been exciting, boring, interesting, awakening, depressing, but mostly pretty damn amazing. I feel completely blessed that I am able to do what I love daily ... share it with people who generally enjoy it and meanwhile earn a living. 


I know you have been doing loads of projects with others so why is this the right time for you to properly forge ahead in your own pursuits?


Whatever I do at the moment it is generally the right time...I don’t know what else to say about this really. 


You seem to be predominantly involved in the dance arena but explain the sound that fans can expect to hear coming from you? 


My fans can expect to hear an honest dulcet tone from me mostly-what music comes with that I guess will be futuristic, rhythmic and emotive.


Your new single Stars: who’s on production and lyrically explain what you were trying to achieve?


Stars is produced by my Bristolian brethren Redlight. Lyrically I was just expressing a love for someone that was tainted somehow and how this relationship is coming to an end to some extent "pulling my hair .. biting the skin from my lips .... who is to say if this is finally it “A stressful/frustrating experience (I often bite my lip when I’m in thought)


The video is a touch trippy explain that video and who was behind it?


The video was directed by Natalia Styuk alongside a great team.  I am a Pisces and I am often in a dreamlike state so coupled with the song being a little futuristic I think that was reflected in the video.


HOT IN 2013

What's your coming music plans for 2013?

My plans are always just to make more music and share more music ... whether that be for other people to sing ... or myself ... I have always loved the song writing process-long may it continue!


Lastly what's been the best thing to happen to you this year whether music related or not?


The best thing that happened to me so far this year would be, my dad having successful heart surgery.  My debut single Stars being so well received and the fact that it is OUT NOW for the world to buy-fantastic!!



Facebook: msrosesgabor

Twitter: @RosesGabor

Soundcloud: RosesGabor







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