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lime Music Interview: Hear the Lioness roar- Teedra Moses

Lime interview - Music

Hear the Lioness roar- Teedra Moses

words by

Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

If you ask any fan of RnB their top five albums from 2004 then I am sure that you will get a fair percentage that will mention Complex Simplicity as one of the biggest albums from that year-it was the kind of RnB that brings a warm feeling inside.

Be Your Girl with that atmospheric video was a huge cut from that debut album and it is still guaranteed floor filler to this day. It was a huge accomplishment from Teedra Moses who had by and large been a relatively unknown name. The album pointed to her amazing song writing talents with all songs in some shape or form written by Teedra in that phenomenal debut album that had production from Raphael Saadiq and Lil John. 

She had already written tracks for people like Nivea and Christina Milian with her huge hit Dip It Low April 2004 before her album dropped on July 2004 so in one sense the song writing ability was not a huge surprise. While she acknowledges her immense achievement she also points to the huge role of Paul Poli who is a little known figure outside of musical circles but nevertheless a huge producer and the hugely successful Ne-yo who provided her with backing vocals, “I wrote on all the tracks on my first album but there were two very important players in Complex Simplicity being Ne-yo and Paul Poli and because of the chemistry we had from the lyrics I wrote we built upon that to make Complex Simplicity. With this new album I am taking the role of singing and writing but I am still trying to find help but it is still basically me.”

So it is a full eight years later and Teedra is finally coming back with her sophomore album a strange thing to say for a lady that has been in the business for that period of time. That is not to say that she has not had any material out since then-a few mix-tapes like Luxurious under Grind and a track with the her stable mate on Rick Ross’ Mayback, with the crazy track Another LuvR. 

Biased intended but it has been way too long for a follow up to that album but things happen when they are supposed to or at least that is what we are told.“It does not irritate me when people think I have been doing nothing since that first album” she answers confidently when I ask about the fact that most people think she has not been involved in music since that album, “some people are aware others are not but I have not been highly publicised because I have been independent. I started in the early years writing for others then I focused on myself and then I have been doing tours to support myself.”

In those eight years of apparent inactivity Teedra has continued to revel in some respects in her “underground status” where comparisons to greats like Mary J Blige and the late and great Teena Marie abound. It’s not been easy she confesses, “I was on a label that was popular for rock music and down stop rap music and they really did not have much experience of putting out an RnB album and neither did I in fact. I was a new artist they did not know how to market me and I was not aware of the business, I just wanted to make music.” She adds, “The label fell into financial troubles and they had to file bankruptcy and they were acquired by another music company and then I had to make sure I was not caught up with that...I did not really think of labels after that because I had to use the shows to perform and support my family and then I started to get more well-known and then that is when I started to think about labels again.”

“And why did you start to think of labels again?” I ask.

“I always try to come up with titles for projects that reflect where I am and so the last mix-tape I put out Luxurious under Grind was just me saying that the underground was great shit but I want to come out of it and reach a next level and that is why I signed with Maybach-I will always be an underground artist at heart though”

Initially the whole Teedra Moses and Rick Ross Maybach partnership seems a bit strange after all she is one of the queens of sultry RnB while Ross growls even when he says: “I love you”-grhhhh. 

“I do not think we are a direct contrast Rick Ross is building an empire so it would be silly for me not to work with someone that can help me to get to where I want to be”. In truth when you talk to Teedra Moses as well you realise that while she is a sultry singer, she can deal out a can of whip ass in a second all in a lady like fashion as the occasional “bitch” and “shit” roll off the tongue in that ever so sexy Californian, Louisiana twang.

So that album Lioness will be out soon but it is still a work in process. While she admits that there are no huge names on the album her confidence in what she wants to bring is palpable and hopefully points to an absolutely banging second album in the making. 

“I have worked and made some great connects with some up and coming producers like Fisticuffs who worked on Miguel’s albums, the Classics from New Jersey and they did some stuff with Joe Budden, Donny Cash the Los Angeles area and Trackdemics but I would really love to work with Ryan Leslie because I like his sound his pre chords, heavy bass lines, banging drums so that would be great.”


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