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lime Music Interview: Flying higher: Angel

Lime interview - Music

Flying higher: Angel

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

It’s taken the singer, songwriter and producer Angel (Sirach Charles) approximately eight months from his debut solo single Go In Go Hard to reach a stage where he will be sharing the stage with artists like Kendrick Lamar and Tulisa in November. 


The single was of course not the beginning of his journey and it has been years of hard graft and a phenomenal work ethic that has seen this talented West London artist burst onto mainstream.


His second single Wonderful built on his debut success and he was richly rewarded with his first number one on the RnB UK chart. So sitting with him at Universal studios on the cusp of dropping his third single Time After Time, Angel answers the question: ‘how was your day?’ with a contented and simple: “My day has been wondrous I am happy that I am here breathing.”


Sum up what the year has been like for you.


2012 has definitely been a very successful year for me and the team. From 7minutes Before Time (2012) to the whole Go In Go Hard (2012) with Wretch (massive shout to Sneakbo and Giggs!) and then the Wonderful track-the reception has been amazing. 


Why has this been the right time for you because you are not new to this music thing?


Apart from God being so wonderful and letting what he has written come to live it is just that time it’s that era where they understand the music that I have been doing-in fact the music that loads of us have been doing for the greater part of fifteen years! 


Why did you decide to go solo and perform because you could have stayed as a writer and producer behind the scenes?


I like the vibe of the crowd, I love being on stage, I love performing my music. It is like having a song out with no video sometimes you don’t understand the song until you see the video and that is the same with me when you see me perform it you really understand my music. 


Have to ask about Wonderful the message in the track seemed to really resonate with people.


For me Wonderful is a bigger statement for the public and so it did resonate with people. Personally the track was about me saying this is who I am. People do stereotype and so my tattoos, my dress sense and the lyrics I talk about may make people think in a certain way but whatever it is-this is me and I am not going to change! 


Time After Time will be your next single.


Time After Time is basically about me acknowledging the wrongs that I am doing and the mistakes I am making. So in the song I do not want to break-up with this main girl that I love and though I have mucked-up I hope that she forgives me. The message is if you really love someone unconditionally then you will be able to take a lot of things.


Is this music thing as good as you expected?


The beauty of my life is every time I can check my email and there is something new and exciting and that is great.


Lastly what should your fans be looking out for from you?


Check out my new single in November, my new EP In Between Time coming soon and of course my album About Time coming my third single coming.



Time After Time out November 18th


Myspace: www.myspace.com/officialangel

Twitter: @thisisangel

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