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lime Music Interview: Fazer - Killing Them

Lime interview - Music

Fazer - Killing Them

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Stepping out solo

Richard Rawson, aka Fazer is one third of the hugely successful musical trio N-Dubz - a group that Fazer claims “changed UK music” and truthfully one has to agree. While Tulisa and Dappy have in some respects outshone Fazer for celebrity status, Fazer has been the unsung engine of N-Dubz producing many of their biggest hits. This hasn’t gone unnoticed as Rihanna has apparently called upon Fazer to produce tracks on her latest album. That’s huge!

Now Fazer is making his own move for solo acclaim with his brand new single ‘Killer’, a catchy number that manages to delve into a variety of genres which is destined for greatness. Lime caught up with Fazer in his favourite shop Lunetier Vintage where he gets some of his signature sunglasses for a chat about his moves to cement his status as a solo artist.

Firstly, you’ve produced some massive hits for N-Dubz. Can you explain how you approach a production?

I’m like a bespoke suit maker. If someone tells me I’m going to work with an artist, I’ll listen to their material for like a week. You’ll never see me go into a session with fifteen beats. I go in there with one or two beats and then the artist will use one and add the vocals and so forth.

UK music – Do you think it’s too formulaic and dance orientated?

To be honest, the UK music scene is what it is and it goes through phases. I remember ten years ago there was no such thing as a dance record on the radio. Then N-Dubz came and we opened the door for a whole heap of artists to come through.

There’s a video produced and directed by acclaimed journalist Jessie Grace Mellor about N-Dubz in the beginning. Looking back at those times what memories does it evoke?

Those days were the hustling days, the blood sweat and tears that made everything worthwhile. In those days we were learning a lot very quickly and I am still learning. 

So you’re stepping out on your own solo venture with your first single Killer – it’s a killer track!

Yeah, thanks! The single is basically about a male and female seeing each other for a hot minute but they’re not in a relationship. The guy or the girl gets too involved and falls in love too quickly & the other person breaks their heart and they become a “love Killer”.

It’s a mixed bag in terms of genres for one song!

It is and if you ask me what genre of music it is, I would say its dance. It has an influence of hip-hop in there, and there are some dubstep elements in there, trance... It’s just all these elements mixed in to create something great.

What about your album? What sound will that have? 

This album will be a feel good album; Period. You know what, I’ve achieved a lot in the UK and I do music because I love music! When you hear songs like Killer, know that I’m doing this for worldwide audiences, not just the UK. When I drop my second single, it’s 95bpm it’s real music. People aren’t going to expect what is coming from Fazer. 

Do you feel pressure as the last of the group to go solo? 

The good thing coming out on the back of N-Dubz was that people never really knew what I was going to come back with. I love my position because there’s no real expectations on what I’m going to do and so anything that I do will be the unexpected. 

What do you want people to see about Fazer the artist?

I really want to show my versatility as an artist and as a producer. I really want to show people what I’m all about - a drummer, piano player... It’s for all those people that thought Fazer was just an eight bar or sixteen bar rapper. It’s to let them know what I did musically for N-Dubz and what I do behind the scenes in the music industry.

What would surprise people about Fazer?

My business acumen is on point. When I have these meetings with people I talk their language first. I don’t even talk about music. Of course after that I give the music and that has to be on point, too!

Caribbean Fever:

Best Caribbean Island?

Curaçao; It’s by St Vincent and Grenada. It’s a small, beautiful island almost untouched. I love that stuff because it keeps me level and down to earth.


You can pre-order Fazer’s debut solo single ‘Killer’ on iTunes, out on 26th August. bit.ly/FazerKiller

Thanks to Lunetier Vintage shop (http://www.lunetiervintage.com/)




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